Posted by: rjtumble | February 19, 2008

Cardio Blast

I found a few new workout ideas on the Men’s Health web site.  I gave workout #4 a try and wanted to endorse it for anyone interested in getting some serious cardio activity in a quick workout.  It’s pretty simple and can be done at home (if you have a pull-up/chin-up bar and a jump rope).

This is copy/pasted from the link above:

1. Skip rope 20 seconds.
2. Do 8 walking lunges forward, then turn around and lunge back to the starting position.
3. Skip rope 20 seconds.
4. Do as many pushups as you can (to failure).
5. Skip rope 20 seconds.
6. Do pullups to failure.

That’s one round. Complete 4 to 6 rounds, adding 10 seconds to your rope-skipping time each round.

I was only able to get through three sets of this, not the 4-6 recommended.  I like this as a weekend workout or when I have 3-4 days between gym days.  After doing this, I jumped on the treadmill and walked for 30 minutes.  I’m going to keep trying this one, probably once per week until I can do 6 rounds.



  1. It sounds awful. But I am super proud of your progress, wow 205. I know I am on the hook for something at 199 but not sure what I committed to so be kind…

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