Posted by: rjtumble | February 27, 2008

Want to find some new music?

Okay not really related to losing weight or diabetes but I thought this was pretty cool. I just stumbled across a web page that I’m going to start visiting more often.

The site is It’s essentially a web radio but rather than just playing music from genre’s, the service has you enter an artist or track name. They have (according their site) spent 7 years analyzing all sorts of music (looking at “400 distinct musical characteristics”). Based on what you provide, they find music that is similar and create a “radio station” for you. The service then streams music it thinks matches what you are looking for. You can do a thumbs up/thumbs down on each track, you can look up info on each one (album info, artist info, song info, etc.) and you can buy music from either iTunes or Amazon.

It has some limitations but I’m like it because I can put in a song or artist I like and let it play in the background. I’m then exposed to music I probably wouldn’t have otherwise heard. Maybe I’ll find some new stuff to like as a result.



  1. I hope you discover some great music! Thanks for listening. : )

    Lucia, from Pandora

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