Posted by: rjtumble | March 15, 2008

You are what you repeatedly do

I was just reading an article on by Craig Weller (here it is).  One section of the article is titled “you are what you repeatedly do”.  Before I started reading that section, I had to jump to my blog and write this (in fact, I haven’t finished reading the article yet).  As soon as I read that section header, I understood something that both holds me back when I don’t make progress and propels me forward when I do.  Once some activity or thought process sets in and starts to repeat, you (or at least I) become something as a result.

In the article, Craig is talking about the squat but that one section title struck a chord with me.  I will be thinking on this theme for a while and hope that it will help me continue to develop the good habits which will propel me forward to my goals and help recognize the bad ones before they set back in and become repetitive.  Thanks Craig.



  1. Yeah, and don’t believe that old urban legend that repeating an activity 20 or 30 times makes it a new habit. The reality is that we must make a conscious choice each day to live a more deliberate life avoiding the vices that formerly entrapped us.

  2. Yeah, no kidding. It’s amazing how quickly those old/bad habits can rise to the surface.

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